Moonlight Courier Services

Moonlight Courier Services was started in 2009, by its President and CEO, Charles A Harris, III. Mr. Harris has an individual Private Detective License in both the State of Pennsylvania and Delaware and employee license in New Jersey and Maryland.  Mr. Harris  holds a class B drivers license from the State of Pennslylvania. This permits him transport larger items for his clients if the need arises.

Moonlight Courier Services shares office space with its sister company, Harris Investigations, LLC on N Broad Street in Lansdale, PA. For this reason, their services sometimes can cross paths. Started out of needs of clients, the company has blossomed into what it is today.

Mr. Harris and his team have the ability to pick up documents, boxes or displays, move and haul items quickly. They can transport individuals and displays if needed. Primarly utilizing cars, pick up trucks and SUV's, we have the ablity to add vehicles to our fleet or rent them for your specific needs or add a driver to your team.

Moonlight Courier Service also completes service of process and court fillings. Please note: Pennsylvania State Law Prohibts Constables to take on any sidework that is not obtained directly from the courts they are assigned to. It is considered a conflict of interest and a violation of the oath they have taken.

The main office is located in Lansdale, PA. They have offices in Pittsburgh,  PA , Wilmington, DE and Deptford, NJ.  This allows us to provide these services statewide in all the States listed.  We can cross over into Northern West Virginia, Eastern Ohio and Northern Maryland as well. Contact our office manager Michele for more information or to schedule your service.

Moonlight has a coverage area  New Jersey, Pennsylvania,  Eastern Ohio, Northern Maryland  and Delaware. We have a partner companies nationwide that will be able to assist you as well. Moonlight Courier service drivers are licensed and insrued.  Their employees have yearly background checks to prevent from any suprises that might come out in a court proceeding.

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